Message from the Chair

The New Hampshire Young Republicans are a proud coalition of 40-and-under men and women aimed at preserving Conservative values in local, state and federal government. We are comprised of a broad network of students, activists, elected officials and young professionals from every corner of the Granite State. The New Hampshire Young Republican’s mission is to get more Conservatives, ages 18 to 40, involved in Conservative politics in the Granite State.

The New Hampshire Young Republicans have long been key palyers in grassroots campaigning in New Hampshire. We are a motivated group of volunteers who provide new energy and ideas to campaigns and organizations. From knocking on doors, writing letters to the editor, to making phone calls and actually running for elected office, the New Hampshire Young Republicans continue to play a major role in advancing the Republican cause.

We have the privilege here in New Hampshire of hosting the First in the Nation Presidential Primary and we take that responsibility very very seriously. That is why our membership works to protect our status by being informed voters, active volunteers and tireless supporters of all our Republican candidates.

The New Hampshire Young Republicans are committee to rolling up our sleeves to learn the issues, recruit (and be) the candidates and work to return the corner office to Republican control.

Republicans have made the state of New Hampshire a great place to live, work and raise a family. Our values of local control, small government, controlled spending and low tax burden has produced a strong state economy and a high quality of life. Why else do so many folks from MA move here?

I hope you will join our cause and make sure that good Republicans get elected to lead this state and this country!

Robert Burns
Chairman New Hampshire Young Republicans

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